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Waproo Stripper

Waproo Stripper




Product Description:



50ml Glass Bottle

1 Litre Container

4 Litre Container

Blend of strong deglazing solvents for use on genuine leather. Removes accumulated polish to strip leather clean prior to redyeing or recolouring.

Wet an area of cloth and gently rubb onto leather surface removing the shine and any polish or dirt from the surface.

For best results scrumple small peices of paper into a ball and stuff hard into any holes that are not being painted, tape any edges not being painted and then apply spray or dye.

We recommend this product when recolouring when using Waproo Colour Change and Waproo Sprayon Aerosol




New Purple Shoe Paint

New Purple

Color Change

Change the color of your shoes into this exotic new purple colour. Preparation of your shoes for painting is a crucial step in achieving the desired result. To remove all dirt, wax and polish use a Waproo stripper for all leather items or Waproo preparer for synthetic materials. Pay particular attention to deep creases

Waproo New Purple Shoe Polish

New Purple

Renovating Polish

Use this polish after changing the colour of your shoes to new purple or to enhance the color of your shoes. Apply sparingly with cloth or a soft brush. Work well with leather items. Polish to give a long lasting shine.



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